• In your daily life, the importance of IMs or instant messaging has exceeded that of the social media and mails. The multifaceted instant messengers like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger, Hangout and Skype are nearly indispensable to tech-savvy and general users as these apps and software serve both official and general mode of communication. Of course,… Continue Reading…

    Instant Messengers: Why You Need Them In Your Life
  • Ever since 1990s, when the instant messaging concept was introduced, connecting with friends, family, colleagues, and employers has become easier. The real time connection has revolutionized communication in a good way. From the paid SMS (Short Messaging Service) to the free Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp apps, the instant messaging space has undergone immense evolution… Continue Reading…

    Instant Messengers: The World In Your Phone
  • Introduction Today we live in a world dominated by the internet, and there is hardly any place in the world today where internet is not available. After the advent of the internet, various technological advancements took place. The technological advancements naturally resulted in the development of software and applications, which made many difficult tasks in… Continue Reading…

    Instant Messengers That Transformed Advertising
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    The Most Successful Instant Messenger